COVID-19 Update


To Our Valued Clients,

We, at All Pets Animal Hospital, are taking every precaution and will continue to update you as the COVID-19 situation evolves. We are currently still scheduling appointments for all routine and urgent veterinary care, but effective March 23, 2020 our lobby will be closed to the public. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, a care team member will meet you at your car to take
your pet from you. All medical history, questions, and payment conversations will happen by phone. We believe this offers the highest level of protection for both our employees and our clients, while still allowing us to provide patient care.

We will also provide curbside service to clients who need to pick up prescriptions, pet food or other products. We ask that you please call in advance to make arrangements in order to minimize your wait-time.

Those scheduling Outpatient appointments should be prepared to stay for the duration of the scheduled appointment; those scheduling Drop-offs may leave their pet with us and return later for pickup. Also, in order to help us maintain control of your pet during transport from the parking lot to indoors, all dogs must be wearing a collar and leash; all other species must be in a closed carrier. If your pet seems reluctant to leave you at your car, you may be asked to exit your car and come as far as the outer atrium of our lobby, where we will take your pet.

Please note the following:

1. If you feel ill with flu-like symptoms, we ask that you not come to the clinic. Should your pet require medical care, please provide them alternate transportation, such as with a friend or family member. Also, please call ahead and inform our staff so we can take the proper precautions to ensure your pet gets the treatment they need.2. We are still seeing elective, non-urgent appointments at this time, but this is subject to change pending advice from public health officials.

3. For your convenience, please remember we have an online pharmacy where you can order your pet’s medication refills and prescription diets, eliminating a trip out for these purposes. Please ask our staff for assistance using this service if needed.

4. We have had to limit purchases of pet food to one bag or one case of canned food per client per week. It is important that we have prescription diets available for our other clients and in-clinic for our hospitalized patients. Using our online pharmacy is a convenient way to order pet food delivered right to your home.

5. COVID-19 and your pet: Currently, there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted from dogs and cats to humans. However, there have not been enough studies done to settle conclusively
whether humans can give a version of the virus to pets. Out of an abundance of caution, if you are symptomatic, you should not snuggle, kiss, share food, or allow your pet to lick you. You should wash your hands thoroughly after contact with your pet, or allow an uninfected person take over the care of your pet.

We will continue to update everyone as changes occur but please feel free to reach out to us with questions or concerns.

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